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This Blood Bowl League's got Balls!

The Brisbane Area Blood Bowl League is a tabletop Blood bowl league wich started way back in 2005. Using the latest and greatest Games Workshop Blood Bowl Rules from the core box and the almanacs, you get to play the game in all it's crazy mayhem!

We gather about once a week to inflict as much carnage and mayhem as one game of football can allow. At the end of our league's season, one mighty team wins the honour of calling themselves the BABBL CHAMPIONS!

Here at BABBL online you will find links to all our teams & players (both past & present) and you can track the progress of your favourite squad right down to the smallest detail as they struggle, tooth & nail, for a chance to hoist the BABBL Bowl.

Thanks for your visit and please come back soon!

~BABBL Commish~

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June 29th, 2020 - old news
Major League Season I kicked off
Season one has kicked off in earnest! Some old teams are back to relive past glory, some new teams have joined the fray, but most exciting is the fact that BABBL is back and its squeezer free!

Good luck to everyone!
- Bouf

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